This site started as part of my 30 day challenge with the Screw Work, Let’s Play programme. I was just investigating ways to use my experience of changing houses to homes and to build on my interest in interior design. I thought I should be investing in a further Interior Design degree but all the courses I looked at were either hugely expensive and would equip me for far larger projects than I ever have the intention of running, or seemed to cover things I already have plenty of understanding about. So I was stuck!

On the advice of John Williams and Selina Barker I decided to just play it out – start actually doing the things I enjoy, the things I’m good at. And when I spoke to people about it, the idea seemed attractive. People who had never considered hiring an interior designer jumped at the chance to have someone come and help them out. And I loved talking to people about their homes, what they want from them, what they feel isn’t working for them and then helping them find ways to make those changes.

Any building work or redecoration can be a huge frustration with endless decisions to be made which can be extremely hard to do on your own. For me this isn’t about looks, it’s not about being perfect. It’s about being thoughtful and giving our homes the time and attention we deserve. Neither a messy muddle that threatens to overwhelm us or a straightjacket of perfection – try to find the balance and you may just end up with an evolving home that gives you what you need.


What do you think about this? Please comment below.

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