One day a week I go to a printmaking class. It’s a fabulous mix of people with interesting backgrounds and different life stories. Recently I was chatting to a lady about children and their creative energies and she showed me a book her son had written. It’s a funny, intriguing and relevant story about how he started to make a toaster from scratch. And I mean really from scratch – he worked out how to smelt iron ore, make plastic… The really funny thing was as I was looking through the book this lady was saying “Oh, yes, look that’s my leaf blower” which was being used to fan the furnace, and “That stain’s still there” referring to a rust mark on her front step.

This is a project that started as part of his MA and built into a book.Now Thomas Thwaite is invited to lecture all over the world. Imagine if his mum had said “you can’t do that at home, it’ll make a mess”. Just saying – fabulous stuff Thomas, but thanks to your mum too for giving you the space to follow your ideas!

You can find out more on:


and buy the book on Amazon.


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