We all have things that we already know we should do in our homes.  I know I need to tile behind the sink, sort out a desk for my daughter’s bedroom and clear out the room where I should be painting as I’ve just committed to a new art exhibition this summer. All these I would actually enjoy doing (yes, even the tiling!) but somehow they never seem to be the most important thing to get done. Other stuff gets in the way.

Our kitchen table needs re-oiling. This has been on my list since the start of September. It needs doing every year, it’s beautiful wood and it’s starting to get marked through lots of small greasy fingers at mealtimes. It doesn’t take long but the tin of oil seems to have had its lid welded on and I have no sandpaper in the house. So that’s the end of that then until I have MORE TIME!

I thought I would do a “how-to-oil-furniture” tutorial thing for this blog. After all, it’s very satisfying to have achieved something. Coming back from the dump run (see post about my celilng) I passed a small DIY shop and bought what I needed, photographed it all ready to do the instructions. And then it was time to pick up the children from school.

That evening because I had everything ready I just got on with it. It  took me an hour – 45 mins careful rubbing with fine wirewool and 10 minutes to apply the oil. Result – beautiful table again and I was able to sit and watch Homeland with a smug sense of satisfaction! Why had I put it off for so long?

If something seems too much and you never make a start – work out what it is that’s stopping you.

If you never buy the new curtains because you don’t have the window measurements – go and measure and write the details down in a notebook or put it in your phone so you have them with you. Make an appointment in your diary to go and choose those curtains.

If you’re scared of getting some work done because you don’t know how much it will cost – make the call to get someone in to give you a quote.

Just do the first bit and maybe the rest will happen more easily than you think.

PS. No tutorial on oiling furniture – I decided that was boring and there were plenty of those on you tube already! Anyway you may not have a table that needs oiling, you will have your own thing that needs doing, whatever that may be… from ‘to-do’ to ‘Tah-Dah!”

Back to beautiful

Back to beautiful


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