Listening to the radio this morning I heard a banker talking about… something to do with banking… (I lost my attention here!) and he said:

“If it grows like a weed, then it is a weed.”

And it made me think…. Someone recently asked me, “How do I decide what to throw away and what to keep?” And perhaps this is a good starting point. Ask yourself; is this something you have actively encouraged into your home or does it just arrive? Junk mail, outgrown clothes, newspapers, things you’re hanging onto because they might be useful someday… if anything is overwhelming you, or growing too fast to cope with perhaps you need to keep up with a bit of weeding?

If you decide it’s a beautiful plant that really needs to be kept but there’s just no space for it, that’s a whole other story. But for now, just deal with the weeds!


What do you think about this? Please comment below.

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