So here’s a post I wasn’t expecting to write. Two weeks ago we noticed a small crack in the moulding on our ceiling. Thinking it was just decorative and making a mental not to fill it before Christmas we went away for a few days over half term. But the time we came home it had significantly worsened and the ceiling looked bendy. Which is not a good sign, even in an old house. So I called a builder with a cry of “help, the sky is falling down” fully expecting him to admonish me for over-reacting. Quite the opposite. He forbade the children to enter the room, we had to move all the furniture, books, pictures, the whole lot and he returned the following morning to brace the ceiling with scaffolding.

But dealing with sudden problems rather than planned ones is not really the point. I called a friend over to help me and in just two hours we had cleared the room. Rearranged the furniture elsewhere, sorted two boxes of redundant books, and as some things had to go to the junk, sorry, spare room I had also had to sort through that and packed up summer duvets, bags of fabric to pass on to a friend and had a boot load of general junk to go to the recycling.

When the children came home from school, once they got over the thrill of a minor emergency, they were most excited by all the furniture being in a new place. And they were right, it did look new. Slightly squashed and cosy perhaps and a little bit impractical having to walk round a sofa to get to the table but already it has made us use the room differently and my daughter loves her new reading corner.

I take 3 things from this:

  • you finally get round to things when there’s a deadline and you have someone to help: I will definitely be repainting those shelves now!
  • just moving your existing possessions to a new position can make you see new alternatives with what you already have
  • different people living in the same space all have their own viewpoint on what works best and you can use this to your advantage

2 thoughts on “A sudden event can force you to change

  1. I like point 2 – Its reminded me that I used to do this all the time as a child when I only had control over my bedroom and could move things around as I wished. Yet although I now have control over an entire house, I seem to have forgotten this and things are stuck forever more in the same place – a bit of re-jigging could be fun!

  2. I love the idea of moving things from one room to somewhere else. I have done this to paint a room and left things in their “temporary” place. Has the ceiling been fixed? I’m wondering what the problem was and if it could appear in another room …

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