Your home should make you feel good; welcoming, relaxing, energising. But often our homes can overwhelm us – the pace of life takes over, paperwork takes over, shoes take over! So we try to mkae some changes – maybe buy a magazine for inspiration and end up feeling worse. It’s not that helpful being confronted by images of perfection when you are living in the real world! This isn’t about trying to make a perfect house like we see in interiors magazines (what’s perfect anyway?) but about tackling the bits that currently don’t work for you and making parts that you love.

Helping you identify which bits of your house drive you crazy right now and work out what you could do to change them is an ongoing process. But it doesn’t have to all be done at once. This is a process of change that can be small or huge but finding a different perspective can work wonders and allowing yourself time to think through your intentions will mean your end results are truly pleasing.

Along the way I’ve worked with builders and architects (more on them later!) but the reality is that my home is not their home – it’s mine. And yours is yours, which means you are the most important person to make it right for you but sometimes we all need a bit of guidance. That’s a sensible way to make the most of someone else’s hard earnt experience!


What do you think about this? Please comment below.

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